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Hoodie Arabia black

9,800 ₽ 7,500 ₽
  • Артикул: Arabia black man
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Model parameters: 203/98/70/99
  • On the model size: XL
Обмеры и описание

Sweatshirt with a loose-fitting hood, with a lowered sleeve. Knitted fabric of the highest quality. The fabric absorbs moisture well and retains heat perfectly. Hypoallergenic. Combine with any trousers from our collection. Hoodie with two bright prints (the characteristics of the prints can be found in our social networks, and also try to see something of your own) Made in Russia.

Состав и уход

100% cotton. Washing at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees C. When washing, turn the product inside out. Delicate washing at 180 rpm. The use of bleach is prohibited. We do not recommend drying in a washing machine and dryer. When manually wringing out, it is not recommended to twist the clothes too much. Ironing of the product is performed from the wrong side of the product at a temperature of 150 degrees.